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Jackcess Encrypt 2.0

Why the new version?

The Jackcess project has changed its public API to version 2.x as part of a long-overdue overhaul. These changes are superficial, but are not backwards compatible with Jackcess 1.x (full details here). Jackcess Encrypt has similarly changed its version number in order to make it easy to match compatible versions:

  • Jackcess 2.x -> Jackcess Encrypt 2.y
  • Jackcess 1.x -> Jackcess Encrypt 1.y

What does this mean for 1.x?

Moving forward, all new feature development will be in Jackcess Encrypt 2.x. The Jackcess Encrypt 1.x code has been branched at version 1.0.4 and some bugfixes may be backported to that branch on a case by case basis. However, no new feature development will be done on the 1.x branch.